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• Welcome •

As shirt retailers since 1977 we found most of our garment sources requiring longer lead times and rarely offering custom art and other services. We knew continuing business as usual was not an option. Having to use a different company for each step in the shirt making process was not only limiting the amount of product we could create, it was limiting the amount of new business we could bring in the door. Since we needed to order enough product to last through the busy season and the rising costs and lengthy timelines were becoming an issue.

Our solution: bring the art department and screen printing facility together under one roof and provide our own retail locations with the products we were buying elsewhere.

What originally started as a surplus retail store, transformed into a full service art and production house.

We offer the best prices on the market and excellent customer service because we do everything for the customer in one place; eliminating all gaps in production.

We offer the same quality of goods to the customer that we give to ourselves.


Dave Harding // Director of Operations

As the newest member of the Cargo Bay team, Dave brings a wealth of corporate and creative experience to his role as Director of Operations.

He has a bachelor’s degree in communication from Santa Clara University in California.  Upon graduation he worked for 5 years as a video producer at a tech company in San Jose. He then spent 1 year in New York City producing videos for the largest media driven events company in the world at Madison Square Garden.

You can find his personal creative work at


Corey Olmsted // Director of Creative Services

C.B.Olmsted is a graphic cartoon artist from Portland, Maine and is the creative engine behind Cargo Bay Trading Company.

Corey has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Notre Dame College in New Hampshire.


Ryan Harding // President of Sales

Ryan’s been working in retail since before he could look over the counter top.

In addition to running sales at Cargo Bay, Ryan operates 4 retails stores with a keen understanding of everything from the process of ordering goods to the importance of product placement.